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Patricia Susilo

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Patricia Mirawati Susilo – Real House Agent

Patricia Mirawati Susilo

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Insight into Patricia Susilo Mirawati’s life

Patricia Mirawati Susilo.


Patricia Susilo, who was born in Jakarta, migrated along with her immigrant parents to Australia at 4.

Patricia Mirawati Susilo had interests for self-development and self-realization, all thanks to her father; this made her start life early. At 13, she worked as cashier for her uncle, dealt with retail at 14 and then moved to Corporate world at 17; meanwhile completing her university degree at Curtin University (Bentley). She got her Bachelors of Commerce, a double major in Accounting and Finance in 2009.

Patricia Mirawati Susilo then worked full time at KPMG; however her interests made her change her journey towards entrepreneurship. This made her contribute towards a real estate joint business with her brother at 21.

Patricia Susilo faced many ups and lows in life and she had to move back to corporate world by working in National Australia Bank today. Her experiences continues to grow even today which helps with her passion for business and entrepreneurship.

Patricia Mirawati Susilo following in the footsteps of her sucessful brother

Patricia Susilo, sister of successful businessman Bryan Susilo; was born in Jakarta and later migrated to Australia at the age of 4; with her immigrant parents.

Like her brother Bryan Susilo, Patricia Mirawati Susilo had similar thoughts about being the designer of own life. She took the words of his father seriously like “You are the architect of your own life” and like “diamonds are rare because they need to have gone through immense pressure”. Patricia Susilo was so inspired by these words that her interest for self-development and self-realization was sparked and she set out to follow these words by helping her brother in real estate property and financing.

These interests drove her to start her ‘life’ as early as possible, like her brother himself, inspiring her to increase her exposure and contribution to people of the public.